Monday, November 26, 2012

More than 60 pounds

I recently had someone mention that I had "gotten so fat". This was when they were looking at a picture of me while I was pregnant with my 8th child. Well, in case someone cares or is counting since the birth of Elaina I have lost over 60 pounds. That includes the weight of my tiny baby and all that comes with birth. I am 10 pounds from my target weight and 20 pounds from what I weighed in my twenties....

At 38 years old I feel proud of my health and my lack of stretch marks thanks to my genetics. I have a migraine or two sometimes and due to breastfeeding my breasts are larger (than I prefer). Other than that I think I look OK. Besides, it is what is on the inside that counts and last time I checked my friends and family tend to like me the way I am both inside and out.

And having a husband that loves me and tells me I am beautiful doesn't hurt either.


  1. How rude of that person! You look great!!

  2. Thank you Beth.... I can probably guess who that person is. What I don't understand is why waste time putting negativity out there. There is so much more one could do with their time.

  3. You look amazing! Especially after having 8 children! Love this blog.