Friday, October 12, 2012

Feeling better so we headed to the thrift store and the park

Eliot, Ben, and Elaina don't get out of the house as much as the other children so I loaded them up as well as Lyn and we headed to the thrift store. I found some great toys for under $2.00 total for my classroom and my EI job. Lyn made a great find too... a Monkees album. And Ben found a one eyed purple elephant. Now we need to find a record player. I used to have a couple of albums by them but along the way and many moves I have lost them. I ran into a friend from church that I haven't seen in a while. And we ran into Tracie at the thrift store who we see all the time since she is a neighbor. Matter of fact she was walking by with a chicken last night and showed it to the kids since I just happened to be sitting outside. Yes, she had a live chicken. It was rather pretty. It was found in Hoover by a friend and Tracie gave it to her mother who keeps chickens. May she lay many eggs...

After the thrift store we played at Buck Creek Park for a while and then headed home. On our way we passed by a house with a rather large Halloween decoration. A rod iron GIANT spider. It was beautiful. I am sure the owner of it is proud and wishes it could be displayed all the time. And all of that before noon....

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