Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My sick baby

After I came home from Lyn's volleyball game Elaina was screaming her head off. She had stayed at home with the boys and Daddy. She has had a runny nose and had some trouble breathing at night because of some clear drainage but it hasn't made her act like this. I took over. I offered the breast. She didn't seem very interested in it. I tried walking her around. Then I brought out the big guns. I stripped her dowm and gave her a good massage with coconut oil paying a lot of attention to her feet. I then added some elderflower tinctute to her foot rub. When I was done I placed socks on her to keep the oil and tincture warm and in place. I think she just has a bit of a cold and might be teething. None of my other kids ever seemed to be in any pain when teething. I added a drop of skull cap to her gums and rubbed them. We nursed some more and she acted a little sleepy. I put her to bed and she almost fell asleep. I lit a candle to help her and me feel better. Then all of a sudden I had a happy baby. We played and "talked" like we usually do at night. Now she is nursing to sleep and the candle has burned down. Sweet dreams....

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