Saturday, October 6, 2012

Some worry / meditation beads

I enjoyed making these for a very good if not best friend of mine. She is the sister I wish I had.... I am sharing a picture of my work but the meaning behind them will stay in my heart for the moment.

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  1. Haven't let go of it since you presented it to me. I've told you already but I want everyone else to know too: this gift has helped me heal faster and more complete than the therapists and psychiatrists could do.(Ok, in all fairness, I adore my psych doc!)

    And I was presented with an opportunity to allow that healing energy to move through another person who was hurting too. He now has four stones, each representing his four beautiful girls, that he keeps in his pocket so he can take out and roll in his hand if his pain starts to come on again. It's a beautiful gift, and I was glad I could pass on a bit of this treasure, Susan! Maybe when he heals he can pass it on as well. Your compassion extends farther than you know! I am so grateful for you.