Monday, October 29, 2012


On this full moon night I am remembering my day. Two of my girls and I went to visit the grave of my great grandmother. She was the mother of my mother's father. He was her only child. She died earlier in the year of my birth. I never met her. My mother says I have her hands. That I remind her of Ines in my build and the way I carry myself. I am close to my mother but I have never really felt close to anyone in my family on a deeper level. I wish I could have known Ines. I am not 100% about my feelings on the afterlife but Lyn, Eliot and I felt close to Ines today. Eliot especially enjoyed cleaning up her grave and placing items of meaning there. We left a copy of a picture of Ines, her husband, and my grandfather as a baby held down by rocks there along with some wild flowers from our garden. I planted a spring of rosemary behind her gravestone. Maybe it will take root and the groundskeepers will let it grow. It was a very windy day and I was not able to light any candles except for a moment but at least they were lit in memory for a moment. I brought a second copy of the same picture that was left at the grave. I planned on burning it and letting the ashes fall on her grave. The wind did not cooperate. We did get it lit and when the wind finally blew it out we unrolled it and all that was left was Ines. I think I will keep this picture and frame it. I already took this picture and cut her and my grandfather's pictures out and placed them in a locket that I will wear for a while. We also made a rubbing of her name and dates of birth and death. Everyone at work today said she looks like me. It was a very meaningful day today.....

We will definitely go back. My mother and Annika need to come.


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