Friday, August 3, 2012

A healing moment

Today has been hard. I have not had mastitis since the one time I had it when Danny, my oldest, was nursing 16 years ago. I have some antibiotics but I was really leery about taking them I wasn't in pain. I just had a hard red spot on my breast. Well, today it blistered up and spread and has started to hurt. I started the antibiotics and after work I asked Dad to take Evan, Eliot, and Ben out of the house for a bit so I could rest and meditate on healing. Lyn did a great job taking care of Elaina as I took a relaxing bath. She even made me some Mother's Milk tea just to help me focus on my milk and healing....

I lit an energized blue healing candle. I brought out my Spring Goddess to encourage the waters or in this case the milk to flow. I added some sea salt and lavender flowers and a few drops of lavender essential oil to my bath. I soaked my breast in warm water. The blister on it popped and some skin started to peel. I know all of that sounds pretty gross but a girl does what she has to do. I put some comfrey oil on the whole area and as my candle burns down I hope I feel better tomorrow.....

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