Sunday, August 5, 2012

Shampoo soap and vinegar rinse?

What is that? Well, a friend of mine makes this wonderful shampoo soap. You can make your own but I buy mine from Cheeky Maiden. She is a local mom to me that has a business in her home that is awesome. Check out her web site from here.

Now to really get good results with this method of cleaning your hair you need to follow up with a vinegar rinse. A friend of mine has been complaining about forgetting this step so she hasn't been doing this natural hair care routine so I thought I would make her something new to try. I made some lavender water and added apple cider vinegar to it and placed it all in a convenient spray bottle. She no longer has any excuses.... And look at the lovely red color that came out! I am posting this concoction on Etsy right now!!! Come get your own.

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