Saturday, August 18, 2012

Making a healing sachet or amulet

OK, so an amulet is a round piece of cloth or leather tied up with meaningful stuff in it and a sachet is square and sewn up on the sides filled with meaningful items like stones, herbs, or anything else with meaning. Well, I still call my round bags sachets because I like the way it sounds.....

This is a healing and supportive sachet I made today for a friend. It includes an agate bead, a basil leaf, powered chamomile, lavender flowers, a dried hawthorn berry, powdered ginger, fennel seeds, St. John's wort, salt, wormwood, and rosemary. It doesn't take much it is all in the intent. I then wrapped them all up and tied it closed with a piece of jute..

You can see the finished sachet in the corner of this picture.

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