Saturday, August 4, 2012

At the ER

OK, I am all about the holistic way of life but if you need a medical professional to lance an abscess it just has to be done! This is the kit that gave me relief. I am not squeamish so I watched the procedure. Oh my goodness GROSS! I feel better. I can't nurse on that side for a while just to allow the abscess "hole" can heal. I have to get the milk out and keep it flowing though. My mom and Lyn showed up . They were not invited but were next door having lunch!!!! They watched the show and we went to pick up a stronger antibiotic that I CAN take when nursing contrary to the PA that prescribed it. After I pumped at home before bed a good friend who happens to be a nurse came and redressed the site for me as well as filled me in on the neighborhood gossip.... What a day. Dad took the littles minus Elaina to his parents' house and Lyn, Annika, and I cleaned house and watched the Olympics....

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