Friday, August 10, 2012

What's been going on lately....

Well, I am working a bit more and tired.... Oh yeah, I am recovering from mastitis that turned to an abscess with staph infection. I have had 3 trips to the ER and been put on heavy antibiotics. The gaping hole in my breast oozed milk when ever I had a let down or pumped. It will take weeks to heal and  am glad I had a bit of frozen milk to offer Elaina while I recover. I am still pumping for her and nursing her on the "good" boob but I have had to use some frozen milk. I always add fresh to the frozen hoping she will take it better that way. I am sure freezing changes the taste of milk. I have some pictures and video of my ordeal but I think I will save them. It is obvious that milk ducts were cut during the lancing procedure. Only time will tell if the side with the trauma will heal well enough to not cause reoccurring blocked ducts. I really would have gone crazy these past few weeks if my husband did not help out so much.

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