Sunday, April 29, 2012

38 weeks

Give or take..... I am 38 weeks pregnant today by my calculations. 2 ultrasounds say a little differently. I don't fully trust ultrasounds for dating pregnancies. When I had my first one though it was at the "best" time for accurate dating. I still will argue at least a week minimum with the date. The US pushed my due date to June 6th. That just does not feel right to me. And now at my last appointment I was told little one was a little small. So if she is small for 35 weeks is she tiny for 38 weeks? Or is she just right for her? I guess time will tell. We will just have to wait and see when she is born whenever that will be. This coming week I go in for my group -B strep test. I guess I can get the nurse to see what is going on down there and check the status of my cervix. I tend to dilate to around 3 centimeters and thin out in the last weeks of pregnancy. The more change maybe the closer I am to delivery. I am curious but I am not overly concerned about the dates...

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