Saturday, April 14, 2012

Homemade cloth diapers

My mother is the best. She knows how to sew but doesn't do so very often. I have no clue how to sew anything. I can manage to sew a button on and that is about it. I am all about homemade cloth diapers right now as we get ready for the new baby. I asked my mother to try and make me some cloth diapers. I wanted some made by her because they would be special just for that fact and to try and use some recycled material. I found all kind of patterns for her to try out. I really like plain ole prefolds and that is what she made me. I love them. And they even smell like Granny. When I brought them home Evan and Eliot were all over them. I did not know cloth diapers were so much fun. They built castles out of them, made beds out of them, and played for nearly 2 hour with the baby dolls with them. Thank you so much Granny!!

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