Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The right to have a homebirth

I am in a few birthing groups online and on facebook. One of those groups is in support of a mom who is trying hard to have her dream of a Midwife assisted homebirth. This mother had a c-section with her first birth and wishes for a VBAC at home with a Midwife. Her insurance does not cover this birth choice. At least her choice is legal in her state. Here in my state homebirths with a Midwife in attendance are illegal. Her friends have started a fundraiser to help her family pay for her Midwife fees. You can go find the group on facebook to learn more and help out this mother reach her goal. There are weekly auctions going on where you can bid on items. All proceeds go towards the fundraiser.  I have donated several items from my Etsy store Motherly Creations to help out. One of my items from last week included some worry beads I made. I shipped them off today to their winner all the way in South Korea. Go visit the group's page on facebook and see what is up for bid this week.

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