Saturday, April 21, 2012

Comfrey (comphrey) is awesome....

This herb just seems to pop up a lot lately. I am going to share my recipe for comfrey oil that I use to make my lotion and salve. It is great for rashes, especially diaper rash. A friend of mine told me recently that it works wonders on cradle cap also. This is the easy version. Comfrey is the main herb I use but I usually add healing herbs to the mix for soothing and extra healing purposes. Comfrey is the herb though that is responsible for speeding the skin and tissue renewal.

I use an 8 ounce mason jar to infuse the oil. I fill a quarter of the jar with dry comfrey leaves, then I put in a quarter of dried calendula petals, a quarter of dried arnica flowers, and then another quarter of dried comfrey leaves. If you want you can throw in some dried lavender flowers for scent and slight soothing properties. Comfrey has a strong smell so lavender can help mask that. I pour almond oil into the jar till it permeates at least half of the jar. I then add coconut oil till the jar is full. It helps to heat the coconut oil first so it will be a liquid when you add it. I place a lid on the jar and set it into water in my crock pot. I heat it on low for 2 days. I then strain the herbs out of the oil and there you go... I add some vitamin E or grapefruit seed extract to help preserve the oil but it is not necessary if it is to be used right away. When I want a salve I add a little beeswax to it. If I want a balm I add MORE beeswax to it. Try and make your own or just head over to my Esty store (Motherly Creations) and order some.... I have the oil and the salve available. I can make up some balm easily if needed.

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