Thursday, April 19, 2012

Baby is doing fine

Baby girl is doing fine. I went to the maternity clinic today to see the CNP.  My weight is doing what it should be doing. I have officially gained 15 pounds. I have finally started to gain weight at a "normal" rate. This is the first pregnancy that I have gained so little. Even with Annika being born at 28 weeks I had gained 25 pounds. Of course I started out with extra fluff this go around. I know from a fetal developmental and nutritional viewpoint that shouldn't matter. I still need to eat right and gain what I need to gain for the health of the baby. I am measuring a little small according to the nurse today. I am OK with that. Eliot was only 7 pounds at birth and I feel that this little girl will be about the same size. 7 pounds full term is smaller than my average of 8 pounds but I am OK with that. She still has some growing to do. I was told I was measuring small with Evan too and he was my largest baby at 8 pounds 3 and a half ounces. I am not happy with my prenatal care at all. My insurance has limitations and I have no choice. I did get a chance to ask about some of the hospital's policies. My prenatal care providers won't be there at the birth so there is no continuum of care. I am worried that any information I have provided and my needs won't be known at the time of birth. The hospital does accept a written birth plan. I just don't know if they will actually read it. I want minimal interventions for me and the baby. I want to leave the hospital as soon as possible. Hopefully I can leave within 24 hours. I have tried really hard to stop thinking about this birth and having too high of expectations. I wish CPMs were legal here so I could have a home birth safely. This is probably my last birth and the midwife bill is still alive. If and when it passes into law and legalizes midwives in Alabama I may be ready to be a grandmother!

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