Thursday, December 3, 2009

To use cloth diapers or not... that is the question

When I was a first time mom nearly 14 years ago I tried using cloth diapers. Danny was one of those breastfed babies that only pooped every week or so. He would even go up to 10 days without a bowel movement. He wasn't constipated. His body just absorbed nearly all that he took in. That made it easy to deal with washing cloth diapers. Sometimes I would hang them out on the clothes line all in a row to dry. They dried sort of stiff but then I would pop them in the dryer for just a few minutes to soften them up. When Danny was a little baby I was able to stay at home with him. This made using cloth diapers easy. I rarely used diaper covers. Mainly I just used old fashioned prefolded gauze diapers with diaper pins. I did have some Velcro covers and rubber pants but hardly ever used them. I just changed him as soon as he was wet. After Danny was over 6 months old I used cloth diapers sporadically. If he ever had a diaper rash or I was out of disposable diapers I always had them to use.

Whenever I am invited to a baby shower or a friend has a new baby I always give prefolded cloth diapers. I know most people don't actually use them on their child's bottom but they are great for all kinds of uses. They make good burp cloths and for nursing moms they work well to help catch leaking milk. I end up using them for everything.

Now a days there are all kinds of new cloth diaper accessories. The covers are super soft and come in all kinds of designs and colors. They have new snappi fasteners so pins aren't even needed. Some of the stuff is just plain cool! With the new baby due I plan on using some cloth diapers here and there. We'll just have to see how it goes.

Danny hanging out in his cloth diaper (1996)


  1. I liked using them when I was home with her. But she's outgrown all the ones I had and I can't afford to get more -- not enough at one time so that we'd be exclusively in cloth. They are great if you have the time to wash!

  2. I only made it through one child with cloth diapers, but the ones I used for her were the "all in ones". So awesome because you didn't have to deal with covers or pins or anything. I was lucky to get a lot of them at a children's resale clothing store near where I lived, so I really saved on them.

  3. I know if I had some of the new all in one ones I would use them more. Who knows... Maybe I'll get motivated with the new baby to try more.