Thursday, December 31, 2009

Easy chicken and dumplings

I haven't posted any recipes lately because frankly lately I haven't cooked much. The girls decided they wanted to make chicken and dumplings. This is the easiest way to make quick and easy chicken and dumplings. We made enough for three (Lyn, Annika, and I were the only ones home). Pour two cans of chicken broth into a pan and set to bowl. As it is heating up take three small to medium sized flour tortillas and cut or break them into small pieces (they will be the "dumplings"). Add a drained can of chicken to the broth and season to taste. I added dried onions, oregano, and a good bit of black pepper. When the broth is boiling well drop in the pieces of tortilla. They will plump up and soak up all the flavor of the broth. And there you have it. The easiest chicken and dumplings ever.

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