Saturday, December 26, 2009

What to do today?

The little kids are at that age where they really need a goal during the day or they get really cranky and on each other's nerves. To just get out of the house today we went to a local McDonald's that had an indoor playground. We got there when they were still serving breakfast. Of course I needed my french fry fix so we hung around till lunch was being served. Lyn was such a big helper with the little kids. I wasn't quite up to climbing through all of the tunnels. I never push Lyn to be a "little mama". I always let her choose if she wants to help with the little kids. She is naturally nurturing and seeks out activities with them. She'll have her fill and escape from them but I can already tell she has a bit of a knack with kids. Whether she has any of her own in the future or not she has a way with kids.

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