Sunday, June 17, 2012

11 days old

Today has been a little better than yesterday. I am not hurting as much and even though I really did not sleep AT ALL last night I feel better. A visit from my mother who brought a hamburger always helps.... Elaina is still eating, sleeping, and pooping like a newborn should. We are taking advantage of the bright Alabama sun to soak up some vitamin D. What better way to do that than in a sling. A friend of mine who made my regular everyday black and white ring sling that I use for everyday with Elaina and Ben also gave me a small mesh sling great for use in the shower or anywhere else you may get wet. It works great when it is hot out too. Elaina helped me put in a load of diapers and then we caught some rays....  Lyn makes a pretty good photographer.


  1. You look great! And I sooooo want a mesh sling for our next (nobody panic, I'm not pregnant...yet)