Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Auction items from Motherly Creations

I am donating some items from my Etsy shop Motherly Creations to help with an adoption fundraiser for a dear friend of mine. I was very privileged to help the Hogeland's by going to the Ukraine and help bring one of their daughters home this past winter. I was able to see if not officially meet the daughter they had to leave behind. They are in the process of bringing her home. Part of that process is fundraising for the adoption and travel expenses. The Hogelands are having some auction events. I am working on getting some more links to the events so you can bid on them if you like. This link will take you to their facebook page for fundraising and general information (6 Little Hogelands). This link will take you to their fundraising blog . So far this is what I have to offer.....

Be fruitful and multiply...

These two pieces of jewelry can be used to focus a woman's energy and thought towards a pregnancy or just fruitful endeavors. The worry bracelet is big enough to be worn but it is really meant to be handled and stroked during prayer or meditation. It is heavy and just plain feels good in your hands.... Together the opening bid starts at $25.

Take me away....
These bath and beauty items will help relax you and take the stress away. They are all homemade by me and my children in my kitchen from natural ingredients. All items are available together as a set to be bid upon. Starting bid is set at $15.....

Lavender and Sandalwood lotion

 Lavender, Calendula, and Geranium bath salts

Natural Marshmallow Root Hair spray conditioner and detangler

Homemade Natural Lavender air freshener

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