Monday, June 18, 2012

Pumping and holding

When your baby needs to be held she needs to be held. Thanks to my hands free PumpEase band I can pump and hold Elaina on my chest in between my breasts. I just place a cloth diaper on top of the band to cover the clasps and tuck her in under my chin. If I were more well endowed with larger breasts I don't think I could pull this off. Elaina always goes straight to sleep when I hold her like this. I bet the swooshing of the pump sounds a lot like the rushing blood she heard in the womb.

I am just taking breastfeeding one day at a time. It is frustrating that professionally I help moms with the problems I am facing all the time. I have all of the answers to help them and I know how to help myself but theory and practice don't always go hand in hand. Elaina's mouth is so small and I am still sore so we are still having some latch issues. I ordered some of my favorite bottle nipples to help with latch training. I have had a lot of luck with the latex nipples made by Playtex. They are a bit hard to come by. I ordered some off of Amazon instead of running all around town looking for them. I prefer the latex because it is not as stiff as the silicon nipples. Nothing comes close to mom but these seem more natural. They just don't last as long. They are wide and help train little one to use a wider latch and suckle instead of just a lip based suck on the tip of a nipple. They go along with the drop in bottle system. I guess those bottles have a place but I think they are a bit wasteful. I will use them for a little bit till I get Elaina's latch under control

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