Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Favorite Places

This picture was taken yesterday outside of my favorite library. It is a ginkgo tree. They are native to China. There are quite a few planted around the library. Their fall color was especially vibrant in the full sun. I remember when I first heard of this tree. It was during a seventh grade life science class. We had a leaf collecting / identifying project . Everyone wanted a ginkgo leaf for their collection. It was rumored that there were ginkgo trees at this library and downtown near some office buildings. I remember a boy (Jonathan) in our class had his mother collect some. I just can't remember if they came from the library or from downtown. He was generous enough and had enough leaves that he shared with everyone.

As an adult I never visited this library even though I passed by it many times. When I first started dating my husband we were walking in a nearby park and he headed up a hill to a building. He said he wanted to show me something. We went into the library. I was awestruck. the children's section was amazing. The selection of books, music, and DVDs was impressive. He knew I would love this. I was hooked after that (on the library and on him).

I take the kids here on a regular basis. Their preschool section is very toddler friendly. Here are some pictures of the big kids in 2006 under the ginkgo trees.

Here are some more pictures of the kids hanging out there this year.

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