Thursday, May 24, 2012

Annika's brain on herbs

What a difference....

After a talk with Annika's neurologist we are making some changes. Her last EEG showed that she has abnormal brain activity just about all the time. Her sleep patterns are like an infant's. All of this seems to be caused by her documented brain damage. Solution? Well, we need to see about adjusting her sleep patterns and to decrease her anxiety and help her organize her thoughts better. Socially and cognitively she is operates on about a 4 to 6 year old level. She does really well in school (straight As for 4th grade)  but she has a lot of trouble with abstract thought and seeing the world through other people's eyes. She is starting a melatonin and herbal supplement treatment plan. Her neurologist is all on board and excited to see the results. We started this week and WOW!!!! I have a new child. Even my mom who watched her some on Thursday saw a huge difference. I have taken Annika out on her own several times including the grocery store and her processing skills show a lot of improvement. the daytime herbal supplement she takes in the morning seems to have the biggest impact. I so wish we had started this sooner. Of course this is all new and I hope it isn't just a honeymoon stage. We will see how it all works. So far she has not had any nighttime "episodes" that we always thought were seizures this week. She has been having several a week for the past few months. Fingers crossed that we may have found a solution to some of her challenges. In the least I have had a happier more well adjusted child this week who has been able to use more complex thought during the day.

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