Sunday, May 6, 2012

Getting everything ready for baby girl

My to do list before birth:

* wash baby clothes
* find and wash breastmilk storage bottles
* find and clean breast pump (throw away any old attachments)
* find and wash infant care seat
* collect and wash linen and bedding for baby's "nest" in my bed
* collect diapers and wetbag needed for baby's diaper needs in my room for postpartum
* wash baby sling
* clean out freezer in garage in preparation to store breastmilk

That is about all I can think of right now. Everything else will probably take care of itself. I don't usually pack a bag for the hospital. I wear the clothes home I wore in (unless they are beyond dirty). I don't really need any toiletries unless I stay more than one night. Dad can always bring me something in. Granny gave us an outfit for the baby and we have everything we need to bring her home in. I guess after I wash them I can pack them up. I do plan on packing and taking snacks and drinks in when we go. I didn't do that with Ben's birth and it was over 18 hours or so before I was fed. No new mom should be put through labor, delivery, and post-partum without food and drink other than water from the tap she gets herself. I will be at a different hospital and Dad will be closer so if I have to stay a bit I am sure he can bring me some food.

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