Monday, May 14, 2012

An herb bouquet

My cinnamon basil has gone to flower. I snip it as quick as I can but it grows so fast. My fennel is a bit out of control too so I decided to cut a small herb bouquet today. It includes fennel, rosemary, lemon balm, and cinnamon basil. It smells so good!! I tied it up and hung it up in the living room. It makes everything smell so nice.... I think I will go cut some for every room. What a natural way to freshen things up. Basil and rosemary help ward away flies too.....


  1. love! i wish my herbs were doing better. I planted some tarragon and parsley and they aren't doing well at all :( the others are hanging in there...I am hoping for an overabundance soon!

  2. Make sure they aren't getting too much water with the rain we have been having. A lot of herbs like it dryer. I bet next year they will be all over the place....