Monday, May 14, 2012

The next full moon

The next full moon is June 4th. I think that sounds just right for having a baby. I was thinking back to all of the dates of my other childrens' births. Danny was born 4 days after his due date. Lyn was born 9 days before her due date. Connor was born 3 days before his. Evan was 11 days after his. Eliot was 3 days before hers. Ben was 5 days before his date. I excluded Annika's birth because she was born so early at 28 weeks by c-section. I took the averages of all of their births and came up with the fact that my average for delivery is 1 day early.... That is about right give or take a day for the full moon. I have a feeling she will be here on June 1st though. If I break it down by girls though they tend to be earlier than the boys by average. No way to predict though when she will be here. My body is prepping just like it did with Ben. I am contracting throughout the day. Nothing is regular but I am sure it is helping to thin my cervix bit by bit and to help little girl move into position. I anticipate a fairly short labor. I will guess around 5 hours unless she ends up in a funky position. I don't think she will be very big. I am guessing she may weigh around 7 pounds 2 ounces. Watch her come out weighing 9 pounds!!! This will probably be my last pregnancy and I am a bit sad for it to come to an end. I do feel more tired and am very uncomfortable for various reasons and am not sleeping well. Usually by now I am so ready to deliver that I get impatient. The end of this pregnancy has been a little harder than usual. I chalk it up to being 37 years old and weighing a good bit more than I really need to. Even with that I will be sad to never be pregnant again.  

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