Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Annika at the doctor

Annika always has her challenges. After visiting her Dad this past weekend she came home with an injury in her mouth. I believe she must have had a seizure while she had a fork or something else in her mouth. I wasn't overly concerned about the actual injury but I wanted it documented since she has a new family doctor. Her throat was a little red and she kept gagging and the nurse couldn't get a swab to check for infection. The doctor gave her an antibiotic prescription anyway. I wasn't too happy about that. I really don't think she has an infection and if she does I don't think it needs an antibiotic yet. I did not let my opinions cloud the appointment at this point though. I was able to get her new insurance referrals for neurology and psychological services. We just have to get to the bottom of her behaviors. As she gets older I worry about her so much. I feel she has reached such a plateau with a lot of skills. I know she is just 10 years old and I can't compare her to other children but that is so hard sometimes.

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  1. My son is special needs and I feel you about the occasional comparison to other children. Every time I start to compare him to other 9 year olds I have to remind myself that my son isn't 9 in his head and that I should be comparing him to 7 year olds. It is really hard sometimes.