Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pregnancy update

OK, here is an update. I went to the clinic today. I have officially gained 24 pounds. I declined my iron test. I have always had good iron and it was fine last time. I have not had any bleeding so I figured it wasn't necessary. I did consent to the Group B strep test. Since I was subject to a pelvic exam anyway I asked the nurse to check me. I don't plan on having a lot of checks but I felt like I needed some input. I figured if I was a little dilated my due date may be in a few weeks like my last period aligns with. If everything is tight as a drum maybe my due date aligns more with the ultrasounds. Well, I had no change in my cervix and no hint that I am due to deliver any time soon. Oh well... That is OK. I have a lot to do before little one is here anyway. I am going to change the ticker on the sidebar and just breathe...

So I am now saying my due date is June 6th.....

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