Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lactation counseling at the library

I met up with a mama at the library for a lactation session. Her baby is 3 months old and in a few months mom will be going back to work. Little one nurses well but is not taking a bottle and mom is concerned that she will have trouble at daycare when mom goes back to work in a few months. Mom brought in all the bottles and cups she has been trying at home. I showed mom how to offer the nipple like you would a breast. A lot of moms try to put a bottle in a baby's mouth straight. I showed her how to to angle it more towards the roof of her mouth and to get as much of the nipple in her mouth as possible. I think the trick that will work for this family will be to start offering the bottle when little one is happy and not wait till she is starving and only wants mama milk. I am so happy to be able to help moms gain confidence with their breastfeeeding experience. Besides it is fun!!!

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