Wednesday, July 18, 2012

6 Weeks old

Here is my baby on a magical day. I say magical sarcastically. In my Western American culture she is automatically ready to enter the world at large and start daycare and be drug all around public places. Her mother is supposed to be over any baby blues  that may have crept up her mother. Her mother is supposed to have lost all of her baby weight and look wonderful in that business attire that has been sitting in her closet. Her mother is supposed to be right back on hormonal birth control so she can avoid this inconvenience again in the new future. She is supposed to right back at all of her amorous activities with her partner. And breastfeeding.... why bother now? The baby is 6 weeks old. She isn't a newborn any more.

Now, for my reality. I weigh almost as much as I did when I gave birth. I am not going back to work in any business attire. I am still working on establishing a good milk supply so I can pump and nurse my baby. I am not planning on going on any birth control and as for the rest..... 6 weeks is just 6 weeks. My life is still turned up side down and I wish our Western American culture would just get over itself.....

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