Saturday, July 14, 2012

The space above my kitchen sink....

Now, that doesn't sound like a very interesting post title. But the space above a woman's sink is very important. Ideally she has a window there where her view is ever changing. If she isn't that lucky and has an empty wall like me some imagination is needed. Once upon a time when I had only 5 children I had a photo collage above the sink and I gazed at those NEVER changing faces as I washed dishes. When we moved to our current house I tried to hang it up again and besides the fact that it would not stay up the energy was just wrong. So, the space above my sink stayed empty for a long time. Little by little I added to the space. I have added two shelves painted red because I almost always paint my shelves red to draw some fire into my home. Along the way I have added items to my shelves. Today the small shelf holds a small egg mama figure, a stalk of fresh fennel (smells great), and a jar of dried mistletoe. Don't tell my husband... mistletoe is a symbol of fertility. On the large shelf I have a jar. It is empty. I believe it is probably meant to hold cream. I just like the way it looks. I also have a soapstone holder. I burn a tea candle in it under scented oil. Today you would smell rosemary in my kitchen. I then have a jar holding a spiral twisted vine that the kids collected over a year ago. I like the way it looks and it reminds me of the every changing aspects of life. I also have a red candle that has been lit. Again, it is to help draw fire into my home. I am such an earthy person I need fire to get me going sometimes. I have a small mortar and pestle on the shelf because hey, you never know when you may need one. I have a jar of dried fennel seeds from last year propping up my Mother, Maiden, Crone clump of fennel that I picked today along with a spring of lemon balm and a sprig of rosemary both from my heat scorched yard. In the center of it all is a plate. The flower on the plate reminds me of a lotus flower or a mandala. I just like it and it seems like a nice center piece. So what is in the space above your kitchen sink?

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