Thursday, July 12, 2012

Adding to a Blessingway

A set of my blessingway beads were won during an auction and I am dropping them off tomorrow. The woman holding the Blessingway asked if I knew of any appropriate poems for the occasion. I collected a few  but this is my favorite....

Let us bless this child, joining in an act of love and beauty to bless
her with the elements of our common creation and with the glory of
her distinct and beautiful names.
       With earth, which is strong as your given frame, my child, we
bless you. Take care of yourself as a body. Be good to yourself - for
you are a good gift to this world.
       With air, which moves and changes even as your given passions,
my child, we bless you. You will know contentment and discontent,
joy and sorrow, anger and deep love in your life. Feel your feelings,
my child, for they are good gifts.
       With fire, which is as illuminating as your given intellect, my
child, we bless you. Think things through, and reason and question
carefully, for the light that shines in your mind is a good gift.
       With water, which is as clear as your spirit my child, we bless
you. Enlarge in conscience and grow a deep and rich spiritual life, for
spirit too, is a good gift, a welcome that quickens your heart and
strengthens the character

Mark Bellletini

As an extra gift to the mother to be I made up some bath salts for her to use during pregnancy, labor, or after her little one is born. I included several types of salts into the mix. I have pink Andean salt, fine sea salt, two types of course sea salt, grey Celtic salt, and Epsom salt. Of course I added lavender and calendula petals to the mix. May this mother's labor and birth go well.....

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